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The best way to stop dog shedding?

The best way to stop dog shedding has to start from the inside. Shedding, coat health and skincare are interlinked when it comes to your dog’s shedding period.

Dog shedding
The shedding process

Dogs may have a single coat or double coat. A single coat has one layer of hair whereas a double coat consists of two, an outercoat and an undercoat. Most double coated breeds shed their undercoats twice a year, in response to seasonal changes. Both single and double coated dogs can shed all year round as your dogs coat goes through various stages of growth.

New hair is growing.
Hair stops growing once it reaches its maximum length.
Hair is neither resting nor growing.
Hair falls out.

Dog breeds with double coats include Bernese Mountain Dogs, Australian Shepards and Pomeranians.

Don’t be fooled, there is no product that eliminates shedding, as shedding is a natural process in a dog’s lifecycle. But through diet and supplements it is possible to boost the immune system and improve skin and coat health to encourage faster shedding.

On the positive side, ShedFast is an effective supplement that will improve your dog’s shedding process, in turn producing a healthy new coat in replace of the old.

Coat health and skincare

To encourage shedding, the process begins internally. When a dog’s skin and coat are in a healthy condition, it makes for efficient healthy shedding. That’s where the composition of ShedFast comes into play to boost regeneration of skin cells and aids with collagen production. This same composition produces antibodies and enzymes to increase your dogs immune system. It will boost their metabolism which is beneficial for a strong and healthy coat.   

Vitamin A – Vitamin A helps strengthen the immune system and promotes cell growth to aid skin regeneration.

Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D helps with absorption of calcium resulting in strong bones and healthy muscle. Vitamin D3 is twice as effective at raising levels in the bloodstream in turn boosting the immune system for skin and coat health. 

Betacarotene – 30,000 mg – Betacarotene is an excellent antioxidant and is necessary to produce Vitamin A. Betacarotene also supports healthy skin and improves pigmentation in dark coats.

L-lysine (HCL) – L-Lysine is an amino acid that helps produce antibodies and enzymes to boost your dogs immune system. Amino acids help with collagen production, promoting healthier skin.

Niacinamide – Niacinamide is a source of Vitamin B3 which promotes healthy skin and supports new coat growth. Niacinamide is also used for energy metabolism and is effective against inflammatory skin conditions.

Another key point is that the vegetable oil in ShedFast contains Omega 6 fatty acids which moisturises the skin and makes way for a shiny healthy coat.

Use ShedFast intermittently throughout the year to boost the immune system, strengthen bones and maintain your dogs healthy skin and coat.

Additional measures

There are a number of additional measures to begin with that you can adopt throughout the year to make the shedding period easier;

Grooming and brushing

Regularly brushing your dog’s coat is equally as important (particularly double coated dogs) to prevent matting and excess build-up. Every dog’s coat is unique and there are specific brushes that best suit certain coats. Likewise, regular grooming sessions are important in maintaining a healthy coat, specifically in double coated breeds and breeds prone to matting.

dog grooming
Nutrition and Hydration
dog nutrition health

Dogs that are fed a healthy, varied diet tend to have stronger, more resilient hair follicles. With attention to nutrition, these strong follicles can help minimize extra shedding caused by an undernourished coat. With this in mind, why not try some of our fish based treats to increase those Omegas.

Ensure your dog always has fresh water. It’s essential to their overall health and can keep their skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin can intensify hair loss.

Dog hydration

In summary, ShedFast can be used during your dog’s shedding period to promote efficient shedding, coat health and skincare. Suitable for short term use, under the following guidelines; administer for 2 days and repeat after 7 days. To be used leading up to your dog’s shedding period. You can use it intermittently during the shedding period and throughout the year to aid with skin and coat health.

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