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Caring for your pet from top to tail

We are an Irish company with a focus on improving your pets health, wellbeing and lifestyle using all natural products.

Keep me Busy

A natural and healthy treat that keeps your pawfect friend preoccupied.

Each treat in the range comes with its own benefits in relation to dental hygiene, digestive tract cleansing and joint care.

The range also contains high protein and low fat options.

Treat me Quick

Our Treat me Quick range consists of varied short lasting treats to increase your pawfect friends serotonin. This range covers a variety of natural and healthy proteins, with differing selections such as Rabbit Ears and Insect Super Snacks.

With nourishment at it’s core – you can feel good for giving them the best.

Train me Wisely

Our Train me Wisely range consists of chips which are a bitesize treat that are perfect for training purposes and are puppy friendly. Made to give your pawfect friend a quick reward for good behaviour.

They come in a wide range of options covering novel proteins ensuring plentiful variety for your dogs taste buds.

Let the fun begin…

About Us

Our Mission

At Atlas & Tail our love for animals knows no bounds and we’ve worked hard to bring you products that are all natural, eco-conscious and sustainably sourced.

Did you know?

That the first neck bone in both humans and dogs is called the Atlas bone. The term atlas comes from the Greek God – Atlas, who held up the world on his shoulders.

Our supplements

CBD 3% – 900mg

Suitable for
– Mild pain
-Mild anxiety

CBD 5% – 1500mg

Suitable for
– Moderate pain
-Moderate anxiety

CBD 10% – 3000mg

Suitable for
– Severe pain
– Severe anxiety
– Cancer

Flexi9 – Effective Joint Support

Support dogs with mobility issues and/or arthritis, containing 5 unique ingredients that have been shown to relieve symptoms.

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A brighter, healthier, robust future for your pet.