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About Us

Atlas and Tail came into being in 2022, an Irish owned brand created by Zoe who has been involved in the pet industry for a number of years. Atlas & Tail’s first product was their CBD drops and this was borne out of the fact that Zoe has two rescued Dachshunds, one of which has extreme anxiety issues stemming from her puppy farmed background and a birth defect in her hind leg. After studying the benefits of CBD for anxiety issues and joint pain the newly formed Atlas & Tail began working closely with an industry expert on CBD for dogs, which brought our CBD to market. A very proud moment!

Flexi9 was introduced shortly after to aid dogs suffering with mobility issues and arthritis. Zoe’s sister has in-depth knowledge in this area and helped greatly regarding the formulation and we’ve both seen amazing results in our own dogs since. This is one of the team’s favourites, mainly for the benefits it provides and the joy we’ve seen in our pawfect friends.

From there we expanded into our natural treats range, we split the products into 3 different ranges to make it easier for you, our customers, to find natural products based on your needs and your dogs needs.

The three ranges are ‘Keep me Busy’, ‘Treat me Quick’ and ‘Train me Wisely’.

The ‘Keep me Busy’ range consists of long-lasting natural treats (+8 mins chewing time, depending on your dog’s breed), ‘Treat me Quick’ are quick treats that are packed with nutrition and benefits for your dog’s health and wellbeing. Then the ‘Train me Wisely’ range which consists of training treats for a variety of training and behavioural aspects.

The term atlas comes from the first neck bone in both the human and canine body. The tail in the canine being the end point. Our mission – caring for your pet from top to tail.

We are always looking to expand our range of treats and supplements that we 100% stand over. These are natural products we use with our own dogs, that we know your dogs will love to.

This is our passion!

Thank you for your continued support,
Zoe and the Atlas & Tail team.