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Dogs dental hygiene – Natural chews

Regular dental hygiene is an important part of oral health in dogs, with natural chews playing a big part in helping to reduce plaque and prevent its build-up.
Poor dental hygiene can lead to painful dental problems such as gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. In severe cases, it can even cause systemic infections that can harm your pet’s overall health.

Dogs dental hygiene

Natural chews for dental hygiene

Certain natural chews can help maintain good gum health and remove particles of plaque. As the chew breaks down, it acts as a dental floss to help clean between the teeth. In turn, preventing plaque build-up along the gum line.

The top natural chews for reducing and preventing plaque build-up are long-lasting chews. Especially, chews that are plaited or twisted in formation. Plaited and twisted chews are great for those hard-to-reach areas, particularly when they start to soften. Chewing creates a repetitive action across the teeth and gums improving your dogs dental hygiene.

Oral home care

Oral home care is not seen as necessary by many pet owners.” There are several dog breeds that are predisposed to dental issues. These breeds include: Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Lurchers, Daschunds and flat faced breeds. All of which are prone to dental issues and disease. Some of the common signs of dental disease include bad breath, a reluctance to eat, changes in chewing habits and weight loss. If your dog shows any of these signs, we recommend a veterinary visit for a dental check-up.

For dogs with active gum disease, Atlas & Tail CBD drops work for inflammation and will help ease discomfort. The drops can be applied directly to the gums.

Dogs dental hygiene

It is equally important to brush your dog’s teeth at home. Preferably on a regular basis in breeds that are susceptible to disease. Along with the use of natural chews and a dental focused supplement. Some dogs hate toothbrushes, especially if they haven’t been introduced to them as a puppy. In such cases, holding a suitable chew for your dog will help target certain teeth with the possibility of working each side of their mouth.

Natural chew recommendations

Natural chews are a healthy dental hygiene option, with each chew containing their own nutritional benefits. Consider changing the options from time to time and contribute to your dog’s overall wellbeing.

Atlas & Tail provide a wide variety of chews, listed in the tables below, that we would recommend for improving dental hygiene. They have been broken out in order to cater for small, medium and large breed dogs. There is also a table for dogs that have had a number of weakened or removed teeth.

To sum up – taking care of your dog’s dental health is an important part of keeping them happy and healthy.

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