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Power chewers – Long-lasting natural chews for dogs

It can be tricky to find long-lasting natural chews for dogs. Specifically chews, that your dog will love and that will last more than 10 minutes of chewing time.

It’s a well-known fact that dogs love to chew! Chewing is second nature to dogs, from little puppies to elderly dogs. It’s important to satisfy their needs with something that is healthy and natural.

power chewer

There are a plenty of dogs that are power chewers, so let’s discuss some suitable long lasting options.

In the majority of cases and for small to medium breed dogs, the majority of chews in our ‘Keep me Busy’ range will suffice for long-lasting natural chews. However…. as we’ve come to realise there are some power chewers amongst our pawfect friends. These power chewers come in all shapes and sizes and across a range of breeds, don’t be deceived, your dog may get through one of our chews in less than 10 mins (“long-lasting”, yeah right, we hear you say!). 

Fear not though, we have options to challenge these power chewers and we love a good challenge!

We’ve decided to put together a little table of our long-lasting natural chews – the ones we believe will last longer than 10 minutes and that have been tested with some known power chewers within the Atlas & Tail community.

Another good option for power chewers that can prolong treat time is to introduce canine enrichment – making them work to get their treat!


A stuffable toy – which can be stuffed with our pate, chips and/or little fishies. Add some peanut butter and freeze for longer lasting fun (adjust meal-time accordingly).

A stuffed Atlas & Tail whole trachea, a long-lasting natural chew. Stuffed with Atlas & Tail pate.

Snuffle mats from Golden Perfection ; “Dogs see the world through their nose and compared to humans they are about 100,000 times better than us at picking up scents in their world. Sniffing is basically an Olympic sport for dogs.

Raw bones are also great as a long-lasting natural chew. Here’s a link to a great article from Dogs First on feeding raw bones – How to feed a dog bones.

Keep in mind that all chews could potentially be a choking hazard. Pets should always be supervised while enjoying them.

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