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Halloween, fireworks, doorbells and dogs

Halloween originated in Ireland and started out as the festival of Samhain, it marked the end of summer and the beginning of the dark, cold winter. With the sacred bonfire being lit to help protect people during the winter. Since then Halloween has evolved into a day of activities, with trick’o’treating, carving pumpkins and the big one – Fireworks! Halloween, fireworks, doorbells and dogs, let’s break it down.

dog at Halloween

Fireworks are noisy and unpredictable; the loud bangs and the random intervals can trigger our dogs senses and unnerve them. Not to mention the doorbell – a regular occurrence on All Hallows Eve, which can be a trigger for dogs barking and ensuing lots of excitement. By being in-tune with these triggers for your pet, you can be proactive in helping them through the SpOoKy season.

How to tell if your dog is bothered by fireworks?

One of the great things about dogs is that they are fantastic at physically expressing themselves. Whether it be joy, surprise, anger or fear, there are cues that we can pick up on to help us assess their situation. When it comes to firework season, there are a few cues you can keep an eye on to gauge your pets reaction to erratic fireworks. Some of the most obvious cues are;

– Showing signs of panic.
– Being extra needy.
– Ears pinned back.
– Growling or whining.
– Shaking.

But there are other less noticeable cues such as a furrowed brow, excessive panting, drooling and pacing.  

What to do in the lead up to Halloween?  

Preparation is vital and the good thing about Halloween is that we have an actual date to work towards. Yes, firework season may kick off earlier in the month but with the right methods in place you can alleviate these stressful moments for your pet. At Atlas and Tail we have a strong focus on calming supplements for dogs, ensuring levels of comfort are achieved and maintained in certain instances.

CBD oil for dogs
Calming Supplement

This is where our CBD drops come in which reduce anxiety in your pet, simply add the drops to their dinner or treats twice a day. We recommend building this up at least 3 weeks prior to Halloween for effectiveness. Our CBD is available in three strengths, 3%, 5% & 10%.

Then we have our calming supplements in treat form, depending on the weight of the dog, you should give 1-2 supplements per day, the ideal time of day to give the supplement is in the evening during their wind down time. Ideal for the incoming cold winter nights, to create a sense of calm whilst enjoying a nice hot cup of tea. We’d recommend starting the calming treats at a minimum of 3 weeks in advance of Halloween.

Also note, that our calming supplements contain our vital ingredient – hemp extract, if you are giving both supplements and CBD drops, reduce the dosage of the drops to allow for the extra hemp contained in the supplement.

What can I do to help my dog during Halloween?

In addition to calming supplements and, or CBD drops you can create added distractions for your dog on the night of Halloween, such as giving them their favourite long lasting chew. Or how about some enrichment ideas using some of our treats and pates, such as;

Stuffing your choice of our Wholesome Paté into our ‘Cut Beef Tubes’, for large breed dogs. For small to medium why not try ‘Venison Tubes’, ‘Lamb Tubes’ or ‘Ostrich Tubes’.

Stuffed trachea
Pate on a lickimat

Spreading your choice of our Wholesome Paté on a Lickimat. Consider freezing the Lickimat for a longer lasting session.

Adding your choice of chips (from our ‘Train me Wisely‘ range) onto a snuffle mat.

These ideas should help create a distraction from the fireworks and the incessant doorbell rings. After this, it’s a combination of training and love. Training, as in when the firework makes the bang treat your dog with a high valued treat so as to create a distraction and reward the good behaviour.
Love, because sometimes all of the above isn’t enough and they just need to be close to you to help them through.

dog love

Halloween, fireworks, doorbells and dogs

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