Chicken Dinner Mixer 150g


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Chicken Dinner Mixer

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Atlas & Tail Christmas Christmas Dinner Mixer is a 
powdered meal enhancer ideal for canine enrichment, as a meal topper and to help stimulate appetite. Great for those fussy eaters. 

Canine Enrichment
Can be given as part of a treat with canine enrichment methods such as lickimats and stuffable toys. Can also be used when baking some homemade dog treats. 

Meal Topper, Stimulate Appetite & Fussy Eaters
Can be sprinkled onto their dinner or why not mix it with a little warm water to enhance the aroma and bring out the flavour. 


Contains 100% ground chicken. 

To be used as a supplemental feeding only. No additives or preservatives. Suitable for puppies over 4 weeks.

Nutritional Analysis: 
Crude protein 39.35%
Crude fat 29.07%
Moisture 9.65%
Crude ash 6.60% 

Feeding Guidelines:

Under 10kg – 1 shovel/day

Under 20kg – 2 shovel/day

Over 20kg – 3 shovel/day

Store in a cool dry place. 





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