Nourish Organic – Gut Health


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Nourish Organic – Gut Health

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Nourish Organic Gut Health from Atlas & Tail is a nutritious and effective blend made from high quality organic ingredients. Gut Health is produced using a unique formula that helps aid digestive irregularities and is easily digested by sensitive stomachs.  

The balance of electrolytes can be disturbed by gastrointestinal issues – Gut Health compensates for these electrolytes with minerals from the organic ingredients. These same minerals also nourish the cells that line the intestine.

Contains organic brown rice, providing the fiber needed to maintain a healthy gut. Suitable for dogs in providing relief from gastrointestinal issues. Gut Health is low in fat which is an important factor if your pet is suffering from exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

We recommend using Nourish Organic jars as an organ specific booster throughout the year, in line with their current diet. We would also highly recommend using after organ related surgery or diagnosed illnesses to aid in recovery. 

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Composition of Atlas and Tail Nourish Organic – Gut Health:

organic rice, organic chicken, organic chicken liver, organic pancreas, organic brown rice, calcium carbonate, organic sunflower oil(1st pressing), sea salt.

Nutritional Analysis: 
Moisture 73%
Crude protein 8%
Crude ash 2%
Crude fat 2%
Fiber 1%
Sodium 0.22%
Potassium 0.13%

Feeding Guidelines:

Feeding guidelines are based on using the organic jars as a complete feed. If using it as a complimentary feed, reduce your pet’s main meal accordingly to avoid overfeeding.

Adult Dogs: 30 – 33 grams per kg
Puppies: 40 – 43 grams per kg

Suitable for puppies over 4 weeks of age.

Store in a cool, dry place. Once open, keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.
Suitable for freezing – Note: Do not freeze the glass jars, transfer to a freezer safe container.
Tip: For easier opening of the jar, tap the edges off a hard surface, rotate and repeat as required until opened.

This recipe was created alongside an holistic vetinary practice. Use in consultation with a veterinarian if their are any known ailments. 

Note: The jar lids may come loose during transport. Each jar is checked prior to leaving our location. We wrap each jar with care and attention to try and prevent any damages. However, the handling with the courier service is unpredictable and the lids on the jars may pop in transit. We recommend that you check each jar once received to ensure it’s sealed. If it has popped open, we recommend using it within 3 days. Any issues or concerns please email us –

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