Atlas and Tail Feast Box Bundle


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Feast Box Bundle

The Atlas & Tail Christmas Feast box bundle contains;
1 x Christmas Feast box 
1 x Festive Turkey Pate 
1 x Festive Duck Pate 

Christmas Feast Box

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Atlas & Tail Christmas Feast box contains a trio of treats in 3 poultry proteins. The treats are from the ‘Treat me Quick’ & ‘Train me Wisely’ ranges – containing Twigs, Strips & Chips. The Atlas & Tail feastbox treats are healthy and natural treats consisting of high meat content (95%+). 


Use the Twigs as a snack or easily break them into smaller pieces to use them as a training reward.

Atlas and Tail Twigs are typically 12-18cms long and 1-3cms wide. As these are a natural product, which means that their shape, colour and size may vary to some degree.


Strips can be used as a quick snack to spoil your dog, or broken into smaller pieces and used as a high reward training treat.

These Atlas and Tail Strips are typically 9-13cms long and 2-3cms wide. As these are natural product, their shape, colour and size may vary.

Atlas and Tail Training Treats range will be your new favourite training tool. They’re so good, dogs say they taste like “more”.

The Chicken Chip training treats are approximately 1-3cms wide by 1-3cms long. They are specifically made in bite sized pieces, perfect as a training treat. As these are natural product, their shape, colour, size and weight may vary to some degree.

These are a complementary treat to be fed in moderation, as part of your dog’s balanced diet. They are suitable for puppies over 8 weeks of age. Please make sure that fresh water is always readily available. Store in a cool, dark place.

Contains Turkey(Twigs), Pheasant(Strips) & Chicken(Chips). 

Festive Pate

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The Turkey & Duck Pates from Atlas & Tail is made from the finest cuts of fresh beef meat. Ideal for both cats and dogs, the pate is 100% natural, highly nutritious and thanks to its slightly firmer texture, it’s highly versatile.

How to use Pate for Dogs & Cats:

  • Dice the pate into pieces and use it as a high-reward training treat.
  • Feed it as a complete food for your cat or dog.
  • Put it inside of your dog’s kong or apply it onto their lick mat.
  • Use it as a food topper to entice their appetite.
  • Bring it on holidays as a shelf-stable alternative to raw feeding.
  • Use it as a single source of protein as part of an elimination diet.

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For composition please refer to each product under their associated range.


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